Pet Peeves – My Top Ten


Pet Peeves – Those little idiosyncrasies  that one can find especially annoying or simply put, behavior from individuals that literally have you shaking your head while you wonder, can I just smack him upside his head. Here’s a list of my top 10 pet peeves..


1. Slurping and chewing loudly – Kid you not, this is reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard. Of course with everything these days, there’s a diagnosis for this annoyance- Misophonia. I personally chalk this one up to the irritation at people with poor table manners.  Think about it for a second, if it’s too hot, why not wait for it to cool a bit? Why must everyone hear you chew your cud?



2. Way too long inside the ATM – One may ask how long is too long really? Well I’ll answer that, the process is really simple, you go inside, put your card in, punch in some numbers, collect or deposit your cash and get out. It’s not a test, ya can’t fail. All in all, that should last no longer than 3 minutes and that’s with multiple transactions. IF you’re not able to withdraw or deposit successfully, it’s rather selfish of you to hold up the entire line, get out!


sbsk1-ewwsj2d3. Screaming children/ temper tantrums in public – I’ve stated in previous articles I wish not to have children but this is from a place of love. I love them dearly but please parents/guardians, control your children when they’re being bratty. It really is your own fault that you weren’t able to ‘train’ them at home, which results in them being ill-mannered in public. Why should the rest of us have to endure these loud shrieks and outbursts?



4.  Movie talkers- Chances are, they’ll come up with a diagnosis for this one too but this is really just movie etiquette – Yes there is such a thing. No one needs  an ongoing narration of what’s happening on the screen, we can see that! If you wish to squabble about why Prim died, do so AFTER the movie has concluded.


5. Bad grammar – This one is a combination of bad grammar and sheer stupidity. The age of modern communication technology is upon us and with it scores of people who apparently have no idea when to use ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’ along with people who don’t know that the term is ADHD not 80HD. It’s bad enough the grammar is poor or you’re ignorant of the correct term to be used but to amplify this blasphemy to the English Language, you propagate this stupidity via social media.



6. Narcissism – Ever met that one person that NEEDS to be the centre of attention? Always knows someone somewhere that is seemingly important and coincidentally relevant to whatever conversation is going on? Always coming up with stories to highlight their own importance? You’d even describe them as arrogant with a strong sense of entitlement? They’re everywhere and they’re some of the most annoying twits you’ll ever have to interact with.


long lines

7. Indecisiveness at a fast food restaurant- These are the people who wait in line to order food then don’t know what they want when they’re up to order. *sighs* The menu is right there! It really isn’t that hard. Instead of gazing in your phone while in the line, pick out something and a ‘backup’ option, go up to the cashier and place your order. Even worse when there are limited items on the menu. Let’s try not to over complicate the little things.



8. People who are ignorant and unwilling to learn – Lawyers and members of law enforcement will find these people particularly annoying. These are the people that, try as you may, fail to understand or attempt to comprehend simple logic. Example: Jaywalking is illegal. Sounds simple enough but these people will argue to the bitter end that there is no way that can be illegal despite seeing it in writing for themselves. It’s one thing NOT to know something but it’s SO much worse when you don’t know and speak as it’s a matter of fact.



9. Bad Drivers – We can all agree on this one, without having to scream douche face or a$$hole!, we’ve all been there. Guy cuts you off or is this close to running into your side while he’s yapping away on his cell phone or literally doesn’t know the road code, then HE cusses like he’s somehow in the right and has been wronged. You secretly hope he’ll get what’s coming to him and that’s all I’ll say for this one.



10. People who are indirect when asking for something- How are you? How’s the wife and kids? How is mom? if you’re asking this all in a build up to ask for a favor, then you’re one of those people. I have no qualms with people only calling to ask for a favor, even if that’s years apart but let’s try to keep it real and quit the unnecessary pleasantries. You really don’t care how mom or dad is, so can we just quickly get to the point, you’re only going to get ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you think the pleasantries will have any effect on my response, you’re insulting my intelligence to be quite frank.




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