Sexuality and Faith – Where to strike that balance

I’ve always shied away from discussing human sexuality, orientation and the balance with religion, particularly Christianity. The need for this to be rooted so deeply on being politically correct, makes it difficult to really be frank without offending any person or group. Today, however I intend to voice that opinion, with or without the backlash.

I love everyone, irrespective of gender, class, ethnicity and orientation. I judge a person based on their character traits. If you’re a bigot and a two faced liar, the color of your skin, orientation, gender etc has no bearing on my decision to scowl at you.

Where exactly does that view strike a balance with my religion? I personally feel that I am merely a child of God and a sinner, as is everyone else on Earth. I use that God-given brain of mine to make mindful decisions in life. Where people are concerned, as stated above, I try to do so based on the merit of that person’s character irrespective of class, creed or race.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, for some Christians, that’s just not enough because it is decreed in The Bible that a man shall not lay with another man. I’ll spare the “judge not that ye shall not be judged” but instead say this; it’s grossly hypocritical of some Christians to exact judgment on members of the LGBT community based on their selective abidance to the teachings of the holy book. Does it not also say one should not lie or fornicate? I don’t see anyone exacting judgment on the woman or man that turns up at church every Sunday whilst still in a common-law relationship and producing children non-the-less. What justification can you possibly use for this? Do our sins as mere human beings now have a ranking that I’m not aware of? Is it color coded? Why then be so hasty in casting out members of the LGBT community?

BUT; this is two-fold.

I recently watched a program where a few members of the LGBT community shared a forum with members of the church. The gist was essentially a pastor stating that though he does not share the beliefs of the LGBT community, they are most certainly welcome at this church. Someone responded essentially insisting that for the pastor to openly say this means he is against him and members of his community. For that, I WILL disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the teachings of the religion for which they belong. The same right that allows you freedom to be with whom you wish also allows this man the freedom to practice his religion. Through his interpretation, he does not believe that it is ‘right’ for a man to lay with another man, woman with another woman etc etc. He has the right to express that opinion, he has the right to that belief. Don’t marginalize him for that belief. THAT’s no fairer than prohibiting your own right to be with whom you wish.

A bit of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ as far as casting judgment is concerned. I wholeheartedly believe that balance that I mentioned earlier between members of the Christian and LGBT community can be attained. We need only look no further than within. You want to be respected and judged based on who you are as a person, Christian or not, extend that courtesy to others as well.







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