The hypocrisy of the church or freedom of expression?

I am an advocate for the right to freedom of expression-responsibly. Religion and sexuality, traditionally taboo in nature, has remained uncharted territory as far as my own opinions are concerned. I am neither for nor against one’s sexual disposition, quite frankly I don’t care, however I couldn’t help but take note of what is seemingly the hypocrisy of the church’s view on our transgressions and how they ‘rank’. A closeted homosexual, transgendered man or woman, lesbian or any person that does not conform to the perceived ‘norm’ is frowned upon. I accept that as a part of one’s religious conviction, however I find it interesting that the adulterer and fornicator are not subject to the same level of righteous indignation.

There was an article recently which featured a priest washing the feet of a lesbian. Members of the church were outraged by the actions of the priest and decided not to return to that church. He that is without sin..I thought. The argument was that this lesbian was so blatant, so proud of her sexuality. How dare her enter the house of God. What about the impression this gives the children? While I can acknowledge and appreciate the principles of the church and the commandments of God, the stance taken by those members to me is hypocritical. Unmarried couples with children attending church every week are never told they need to be joined in holy matrimony to continue attending church. Never told they are not worthy of communion and are an embarrassment to the church. No one says but what about the impression this is having on their children. From a religious perspective, technically, a same sex union is just as ‘wrong’ as is a relationship out of wedlock.

You want to be concerned about a message being sent to your children, try monitoring their social media activity or the programs they watch or the artistes they idolize. Anyone can be a role model, the onus is on you to educate your own. Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent -Bob Keeshan.  Instill principles in them that will help them to select someone appropriate they wish to emulate.

I digress, to each his own as they say, that’s it for now..


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