Are our kids growing up too quickly? Where lies our responsibilities?

childrights_pagetopIncreasingly popular is the discovery of ‘children’ living or having relationships with adults. For a person of Middle Eastern or African origins, this might be the norm but for all else, this is considered somewhat taboo. Like most things controversial, this is now moving from being taboo to socially acceptable. Our children are increasingly being exposed to adult content through the readily available access to modern communication mediums coupled with peer pressure. Times are changing and so are our children, but I digress, through the changing times, if we preserve nothing else, we need to preserve our children’s innocence. I ask the question, wherein lies our responsibility as adults, to protect and assist in preserving this innocence?

‘She looked older than she was’, ‘not my kid, not my problem’, ‘learn to mind your own business’, ‘nothing wrong with that, her mother cannot care for her and he can’ and the best one yet ‘she’s the one that tricked him’. Sad when you hear community members and members of various social circles blaming the child, citing them being promiscuous as an excuse for the transgressions undertaken by these adults.

Here’s my take on this matter, broken down  into four main points.

  • Know Better-When we graduate from child to adult, we accept certain roles and responsibilities. It is assumed that we have reached a stage in our mental development, where we are capable of making sane, practical decisions, based on our knowledge, experience and completion of the adolescent stage in our life-cycle  What this means is our role is no longer to do foolish things then turn to our parents for help, we are now role-models and we become the people entrusted to  protect and care for others. We owe it to ourselves and members of our society to put it plainly, ‘simply know better’. In other words, use your common sense, if she’s still in high school, chances are she’s too young for your 30 something ass; if a 14 year old turns up at your doorstep, you don’t invite her in, you send her home or seek help.
  • Allow our children to grow without preying upon them-You do not simply stop becoming a child once you have reached the age of consent. In some sects across the world, a female would’ve gotten a job, married and had one child by the time she turns 16. In other cases, because of their life’s experiences, possibly having to take care of their younger siblings, they have matured mentally far beyond their age however, this is not the norm nor should it be. There is a process we all undergo, it differs across genders but a couple things are constant. Children need to go through a process of self-discovery which they achieve through their social interactions and partaking in various activities. They discover their likes, dislikes and are able to make a couple mistakes. Ten years or more later, when that child becomes an adult, they will no doubt look back at the mistakes they made and laugh about it, recognizing in the process just how foolish the decisions they made were. It is a part of the growing up process, but for the love of God, they need to actually be able to live through it, not needlessly slaughtered from the jealousy of a mentally , disturbed man or woman whom was unable to keep their hands to themselves.
  • Re-Socialize the mindsets of the populous-The thought of touching or having any relation with a child should make us sick to our stomach. Any behavior outside of that should be considered pedophilic. Pedophiles come in many forms, no one should delude themselves into thinking that because this person is physically mature, though still a teen, it is perfectly normal for them to engage in a relationship, manipulating an impressionable mind in the process.
  • Parents, they’re YOUR children– Parents have a duty to their child above all else to protect them using the powers that are available to them. When a man in his 40’s engages in a relationship with a 15 year old girl, as a parent, you must be relentless in pursuit to right this wrong.

So there you have it, my two cents on the matter. Let’s not neglect our responsibilities, each playing their own role to protect our kids.


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